Tuesday, 5 June 2012


All it took was one day of being back at work to make me re-discover the importance of weekends: Fourty-eight hours of uninterrupted family time?  LOVE!

Our weekend in pictures.

Baby Girl and I ran; Will biked; we all hiked (dogs included); and we sat in awe of the thousands doing Comrades...  Never again will I take a single minute of family time for granted - I will savour every second with the passion it deserves!

P.S.  To each and every one of the runners who tackled the Comrades Marathon yesterday (all 14 580 of you!): RESPECT!  Each one of your stories inspire me to dig so much deeper and train so much harder.  Someday...


  1. I missed Comrades this year but will most likely be back next year.

  2. How awesome to be able to enjoy your family time and watch the Comrades!

  3. A wonderful week end with the family!
    I heard about the Comrades, it has to be an adventure more than a race.

  4. Weekends are the best! Baby girl is stinking cute too! Gah! Could just eat her up! LOL! :D

  5. What a beautiful little girl! Glad you enjoyed your family time watching comrades :)

  6. Quote: Each one of your stories inspires me to dig so much deeper and train so much harder. Someday...Unquote:

    I know what you mean. I watched runners battling against the heat and rocky underfoot conditions in the Transvulcania race a month ago and felt really inspired. In fact, it got me back racing again after 9 months absence.


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