Saturday, 2 June 2012

A new chapter

This day has been lurking somewhere in a corner of the back of my mind for more than three months.  Yet, somehow, it still managed to creep up on me way too soon: My final day of maternity leave.  For three months and one week I've had the privilege of spending almost every waking moment with my Baby Girl - and I loved it.  We sang; we danced; we picnicked; and we played.  But now, long before this mother's heart is even close to being ready, this magical chapter has come to an end.  From today onwards I'll be back in the saddle; learning how to incorporate a full-time job into our family schedule.    

Thankfully I'm not in this alone: Will deserves a monument for the way he helps with absolutely everything.  And especially also for the way in which he manages to keep his cool when Mama loses her sense of humour after one too many nights of minimal sleep.  What would I have done without him?

Dad of the Year.

Then there's also Paulina and Maria.  Two angels sent from above to help this Mama cope.  (Paulina has helped us keeping the house looking a bit more like a home and a bit less like an explosion until now; and Maria will be taking over soon.)  They're both way older and way more experienced at this than I am.  And they're both the salt of the earth.  We are so blessed to have them in our home.

I have absolutely no illusions about the fact that keeping up my running programme in addition to all of this might not be a breeze.  But I am determined to find ways to keep it up: Friday night treadmill runs (nerd alert...) - check!  Weekend stroller runs - check, check!  Sleeping in when the body begs for a break - YOU.  BET.  

Here.  We.  Go!    


  1. Aw! I got a little sad for you just reading about the end of this magical chapter! Kudos to Will for being such a help! I look forward to reading about the next chapter!

  2. Even if this is a new chapter I am sure that you will spend most of your time with your lovely Baby Girl.
    Glad you can get all that help.


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