Saturday, 26 May 2012

Girls' morning out

This morning Will went to a nearby town with his cycling buddies for the second leg of the Free State Road Cycling Championships.  He left bright and early this morning (Baby Girl and I were still asleep) and left the sweetest note on the kitchen counter.  It read: "Treat yourself!", with some money hidden under the paper.  Isn't he the best?!

As soon as Baby Girl and I got up, I packed all our stuff and we headed out to the local botanical gardens for my weekly long run.  I was a bit nervous about this run at first, seeing that it would be Baby Girl's very first run in the jogging stroller, and keeping in mind last weekend's less than ideal stroller outing.  There was no need to worry, though, because the run went great!  She slept like a little rock through the entire run (we ran for almost an hour!) - bumpy terrain notwithstanding.  Yay!

My little running buddy.  She's in there somewhere...!
Some stretching after our run.

After our run, we went to a nearby Woolies to grab some picnic goodies with Will's treat money, and then it was off to Part II of our morning out: A picnic in the park!  We parked under a tree and dug into our feast - runger, anyone...?

What a perfect morning with my little girl.  Fingers crossed now for a nice, long afternoon nap...!

Happy weekend!


  1. your little girl is perfect!!! what a great day!

  2. Does your little baby already read RWS?


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