Thursday, 3 May 2012


So it seems my bigger pregnancy feet are here to stay.  For good.  I'm not talking about the puffy, swollen, water retaining kind - those fortunately disappeared soon after giving birth.  Nope, I'm talking about the literally, physically, one-shoe-size-bigger-as-a-result-of-relaxin kind.  Who knew?

Just for the record, I have absolutely nothing against having bigger feet.  Mine  weren't exactly extraordinarily big to begin with, so even at one size up they're still nowhere near humongous.  What I do have something against, though, is a closet full of too small shoes.  Especially running ones.  Ones that are still nowhere near their expiry dates.  However, since I also have something against being pinched and squashed in all the wrong places during a run (new injury, anyone?), I guess I'll just have to say goodbye.  Boo.

Two perfectly fine pairs of Nimbuses need to go.  Boo.

Fortunately I have a birthday coming up (on 10 May - World Move for Health Day!) and dear, sweet Will has offered to come to my rescue.  (He truly is the man of my dreams!)  So, this weekend will be spent (running) shoe shopping to my heart's content.  And, hopefully, my birthday will be spent moving for health with my family in my brand new pair of size seven running shoes - can't think of a better way to greet 35!

World Move for Health Day: 10 May - count us in!


  1. A very nice present for your birthday.
    35, you are so young!
    Happy birthday.

  2. My feet has grown half a size after each pregnancy, and now after 3 years they have shrunken again... back to the original size 6... so I suggest you keep your too small running shoes hidden somewhere!


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