Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Maiden Voyage

This week Will and I officially crossed over to the other side.  The side where no excursion, no matter how short or long, will ever be the same again.  Ever.  We used to live in the land of "let's quickly go to the mall" and "we'll be back before you know it", but now, that's all changed.

On Saturday, we finally had the chance to take Baby Girl (three weeks old already!) to town.  Which, in the world we are now a part of, involves a) a whole lot of planning; b) a whole lot of packing; and c) a whole lot of accessories.  Our car was filled to the brim with nappy bags, baby seats, a stroller that is larger than life, baby blankets, extra bottles, pacifiers and the like.  Yip, the trunk was full before we purchased a single item...     

Will and Baby Girl about to embark on our maiden voyage. 

Despite our rookie status, the voyage was a huge success: Baby Girl fell asleep on our way to the mall and literally slept the entire time.  Will and I couldn't stop giggling with delight - the stroller finally carried the little passenger we've waited for for so long!  How awesome to be a new little family.

Here's to a lot more fun family times!


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  2. Now the life has changed but in better, with your wonderful baby to cuddle. Enjoy this period because ... in a while ... she will be a girl. I am grandpa and it seems yesterday that my children were 2 kids.


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