Friday, 10 February 2012

38 Weeks: We're Ready!

... or, before those who know much better remind me that one can never, ever be fully prepared for the new challenges of parenthood, let me rather say: We're as ready as can be!  Today we are exactly 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant - we officially become parents within the next twelve days...!

Our birth bags are packed and the cameras are charged...

The nursery is ready...

Our supply of nappies and wet wipes is steadily growing...

And the stroller is ready to roll!  [Yes, yes, I know I can't go for a run the day after Mis K's birth... :)]

I've been feeling really awful these past two weeks.  Morning sickness is back in all its glory - urgggh!  But this taught me such a valuable lesson (almost too late!): Ask for help!!  (Duh, right?)  For the first time in my entire pregnancy did I ask the doctor to prescribe something to make me feel better and, man, do I feel like a new person!  Why on earth haven't I done this sooner?!  The first trimester could have been so different...  Lesson learnt though.

And so, all that remains now, is to wait until little Miss K is ready to come!


  1. Very exciting! All the best!

  2. so exciting!!! GOod Luck with everything and here's to welcoming in the beautiful baby!

  3. YAY! I'm so excited to se your precious little girl!! So glad you are feeling better too! Good luck! :D

  4. So exciting!! I can't wait to see your little one in pictures. You will do great as parents, it's not as stressful as people like to tell the really really pregnant lady (as if they are helping)!

  5. Very exciting for you! I never made it this late, as Avery came at 36 weeks. Good for you for asking for help!

  6. Exciting! I cannot wait for seeing the little runner Karli. All the best.
    P.S.: My wife never ask for a medical help when she feels bad, but if she does, after she says too: "why haven't I done this before"?

  7. So excited for you!
    I felt the same the other day when I eventually took a pill for an achy head :-). Asking for help is a good lesson to learn BEFORE baby comes along.

  8. Enjoy the moment. My wife and I still look back at the awesome memories we have of both our children. She could not sleep a month before delivery because she could not get comfortable.


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