Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge 2011

Is there a race or event out there that you've really been wanting to do?  And every year you'll see the race's advertisements come up and yearn to go, but the timing/household budget/circumstances are just never right?

For me the Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge is such a race.  Since it's inception in 2003, I've longingly looked at the race pamphlets and posters, but year after year I've just been unable to make it.  It looks like so much family fun!

This year the event will take place over two days and consist of the following:

28 December 2011 - Main beach, Plettenberg Bay:
  • 6 km Ocean swim;
  • 15 km Ocean paddle;
  • 10 km Beach/Road run; and
  • 3 km Beach walk.

29 December 2011 - Kurland Polo Estate (just outside Plettenberg Bay):
  • 500 m Dam swim;
  • 25 km Mountain bike ride through indigenous forests;
  • 10 km Trail run; and
  • The Sabrina Kids of Steel Duathlon.
You can enter as many or as few of the listed events as you want to over the course of the two days and 100% of all proceeds go to the Sabrina Love Foundation, a foundation committed to "assisting physically disabled children who require financial assistance either for equipment, medical treatment or professional help. The assistance will create in one form or another a better quality of life for these children and their families".

Unfortunately I will once again not be able to participate in the event this year, seeing that I will be very pregnant by the end of December.  However, it definitely remains on my must-do list for the future!  [I might even have already pretty pleased Will for a Christmas holiday in Plett in December 2012... :)]. 

Go have some fun if you're in the area!


  1. Oh wow that looks like a beautiful race! Maybe next year mama!

  2. I like the events for social causes and it sounds very interesting.
    I hope you can enter the race as soon as possible, maybe 2012?
    My impossible dream is Big Sur, my possible dream is something (10k or half) near the North Pole but in the good season.


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