Thursday, 22 December 2011

I'm in love!

Today I did something that I should have done a long, long time ago.  I took my tired, lazy self bump to the gym to swim some laps!

Why on earth haven't I done this sooner?  It might have been my imagination, but as soon as my pregnant body hit the water, I'm sure I heard a symphony playing.  "Aahhhhhhhhh!", said my tired back.  "Aahhhhhhh!", said my achy hip.  "AAHHHHHHHH!", chorused my entire body.
I could have stayed in that pool for the entire morning - I just didn't want to get out!  Even after 24 laps, I felt like I could just keep on going and going and going.  For the first time in months I felt like me again: Active, agile and alive.  Guess where you'll find me tomorrow this time?


  1. Yay!!! Enjoy your relaxation, you deserve it :-)

  2. Enjoy the pool, it is very relaxing. I miss my swimming but I will come to the pool after Christmas time.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family.


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