Sunday, 4 December 2011

Holiday Card Exchange 2011

Today I mailed my holiday cards for (Just) trying is for little girls' Holiday Card Exchange 2011

In the process I learned that sending something to the US from a teeny, tiny little town in the middle of South Africa (a lot of South Africans don't even know where it is) is no simple task...  From the confused, blank stare that I got from the other side of the counter, I could tell that I was probably the very first person in the history of Kathu to ever mail something to the US.  After being asked a whole lot of questions about the US and the town that each packet was going to, a bunch of stamps were hesitantly placed on each envelope, "Air Mail" was written on it by hand (they were "out" of air mail stickers) and I was assured that the packages would reach the US in approximately two weeks.  Hmmmm...  Somehow I wasn't convinced, but let's hope for the best!  [Post offices in bigger cities in SA are much more clued up, just so you know ;).]

Ready to go!
So, fellow Team Santa members, here's hoping you receive your cards in good time; without any major global detours.  And may they bring you as much joy as making them up brought to me!  [Thanks so much, Kim, for organising - loved doing this!]


  1. Wow, what a fun story. I was worried about the girls sending cards out of the US, I never thought how challenging it would be for you! Thanks for getting right on it, I know your "team" will understand if their cards are a bit late!

  2. Found you through the swap (although we are on different teams). I'm sure your cards will get to everyone! Great job being up to the challenge of sending cards from your tiny post office! I'm excited to follow a new runner.

  3. What a great story. I am betting those you wrote to will love your cards. I am not on your team, but getting a card from Africa would have made my day.

  4. Im very excited to get a card from South Africa! You will be recieving a card from a very, very small town in Western Nebraska, where cows out number humans by like 10,000 to 1. Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but since our town only has about 150 people in it and our ranch alone has 500 head of cattle....might not be that far off!

  5. Ha what an experience! That is awesome that you took the time to do this. I so need to get on the bandwagon next year.

  6. Mailing my card to you out tomorrow so I can check with the post office if I "need" to do anything special for it going to South Africa! Hope I have addressed correctly :?

    I too am new to your blog through the card exchange :)

  7. Well, fingers crossed and hoping that I correctly addressed your envelope! Looking forward to following your blog.


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