Sunday, 18 December 2011

Done and done

I had so much fun today!  Will and his buddies went for a long bike ride this morning (they're training for the Northern Cape Championships taking place in January 2012 and are so dedicated!), so I had some time to hit the shops and finish all my blog exchange shopping.  So glad it's done!

First up was Courtney from Third Time's a Charm Runner's First Annual Secret Santa Sock Swap.  The swap works as follows: Every participant buys a pair of socks, stuffs it with all kinds of fun goodies and then sends it off to their sock swap buddy.

I loved shopping for this one - it was like putting together the ultimate goody bag!  Hope my sock swap buddy enjoys it as much as I loved putting it together.

Second up (and lastly, thankfully, cause this pregnant mama was starting to seriously run out of steam at the shops...) was Jill at Run with Jill's Second Annual Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange.

The rules are simple: Buy a gift of $10 (minimum) and send it off to your gift exchange partner.  I must admit, buying a gift for someone you've never met can be quite daunting, but I really hope what I've selected brings a big smile to my swap partner's face! 

With that taken care of, I'm planning to stay as far away as possible from the shops for the next couple of days - the place is a madhouse! 


  1. I also found quite daunting getting my secret Santa gift (also doing it with Jill). I did mine last weekend and posted it on Monday and was quite socked at the cost of the postage. All for a good cause tho' and great fun.

  2. The Sock Swap sounds great!! Im gonna have to follow that blog so I can get in on that one next year.....pretty soon, I will be buying more secret santa gifts for bloggers then I will be for my family, lol!!

  3. The sock swap sounds so fun!

  4. We use to give the sock swap on January 6th.
    I hope you will receive a nice surprise from you secret buddy (Jill's holiday blogger gifts exchange).


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