Saturday, 22 October 2011

A colourful start to the weekend!

Fridays are usually a delight, but this week's Friday just couldn't come soon enough.  I've been struggling to shake the feeling that I'm not quite rested and refreshed after each night's sleep since Monday morning...  Hmmm, tomorrow morning's sleeping in is going to feel sooooo good!

I started off the day with my new favourite breakfast.  Yum, it's just so delicious!  (Hint: Whatever you do, do not skimp on the maple syrup!  Trust me on this one.)  I'm already worried about the fact that I cannot seem to find steel cut oats anywhere for when my stash eventually runs out - Woolies, what happened to your supply in central SA?!  Please let me know if anyone out there finds a source?

My day was made by this little guy - isn't he just adorable?!  Just look at those feet...  And those eyes!  I just love chameleons and can't help smiling when I see one.  This little dude crossed the road at a rate of about an inch a minute (okay, not quite that slow), but once he hit the soil on the other side, he motored!  He seemed very happy to reach his destination.

How cute is he?!
Safe and sound in his tree.

My Friday evening will be spent sipping smoothies (I can just taste it now...) and watching chick flicks - big, happy sigh :) .  Happy Friday friends!

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