Thursday, 27 October 2011

23 Week Celebration!

We're 23 weeks today!  Wow, where on earth has the time gone?!  

The obligatory bump-y self-portrait was taken at work early this morning, because the office's bathroom = the only fullish length mirror in my life right now.  Good thing no one walked in, 'cause this would have been really awkward to explain...!

Little K and me at 23 weeks.

Today was the perfect day for fieldwork: Cloudy and cool, with a slight breeze and even a few raindrops here and there.  Such a wonderful break from the scorching heat we've experienced since Monday!  We made good use of this weather and spent most of the day in the field.  After I've done my share of walking, my colleagues left me in a cool, shady spot while they soldiered on some more - bliss!  Laying under that shady tree in the riverbed listening to the silence felt like a little mini holiday right then and there. 

Taking a break in the riverbed.

Of course our 23 week celebration had to end in style too: A delicious, home cooked veggie and mince bolognese with a little something-something on the side to hit that sweet spot - yum! 

Dinner time!

We're off to bed now - good night!

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