Thursday, 9 June 2011

The kick in the butt I needed

We are right in the middle of a crazy (with a capital C) winter down here in South Africa.  Not so much crazy cold, because I'm sure we've had it this cold and even colder.  More like crazy weird.  Fifty-two millimeters of rain in one day in the Kalahari (one of the driest summer rainfall regions in the country) in winter?  What on earth?!

Which leads me to a confession: All this crazy weather really started messing with my motivation.  I've never had that problem before: Winter after winter I'd get up at the crack of dawn and either go for a run or go to the gym.  But this year, eish...  Maybe it's because I'm getting older.  Or maybe because all my (equally crazy!) workout buddies are far away and we can't hold each other accountable to show up for early morning winter workouts.  Or maybe it's just the craziness of this specific winter.  But I've been struggling more and more to get out there.  And not running frustrated me big time.

Long story short: I really needed a big, fat kick in the butt to get me back into gear.  A big one.  Which is exactly what I got on my home trip last weekend (in a very positive way) - totally out of the blue and completely unplanned! 

With local running legend, Zola Budd.

Zola Budd, local running legend, was in town for the weekend to promote a new (to SA) range of minimalist running shoes.  I caught her just after her warm-up (which explains why I'm dressed like the abominable snowman and she's dressed in short sleeves in the picture) and got to spend just enough time in her company to be totally inspired.  She is so kind and humble and looks so good - those legs!!  Plus her love for running is contagious - something I really needed to rub off on me again.

I've since gone for out for a handful of inspired, freezing runs - I think I got my groove back, y'all!
Tackling Naval Hill with renewed vigour after my inspirational meeting with Zola!

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  1. awesome!!!! what a great motivation boost! It always feels so good to get your groove back :) So crazy about the weather!! hope it holds off for you for a while since you are back in the groove!


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