Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Just Keep On Believing!

Just keep on believing.  To me, these four words are so much more than just a catchy mantra or some cute "positive thinking" one liner.  These words are the truth.  Way more true than reality, if that makes any sense.  They're life.

Taken from Mark 5:36, these words were spoken in a situation that seemed just humanly impossible.  The kind of situation where you and I would more than likely have lost all hope, based on the reality revealed to our senses.  But, all hope was not lost - even though it appeared that way.  Go check out the ending - you'll love it! 

In order to constantly remind me of the awesomeness of this concept (I tend to forget so quickly when circumstances overwhelm!), I asked Barbara at Gracie and Me Designs to create a beautiful reminder...  And what an awesome job she did!


A beautiful reminder to walk the talk!

Now I have no more excuses not to keep on believing - no matter what the circumstances.  Love it!



  1. Really beautiful! Love it. And especially love the sentiment.

  2. Love this! And I'm stealing your mantra....and will make good use of it on my runs.


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