Saturday, 30 April 2011

Truly Blessed

This is my final weekend as a Kimberlite and I'm cramming it choc-a-block full of some of my favourite things to do in Kimberley:

A final, final early morning run in HP Numero Uno.  (I know, I know - I've had two farewell runs there already.  But it's a super special place to me and I won't be seeing it again for a very long time.  Maybe just one more tomorrow...?)

Nothing beats running in nature.
A final stretch/pilates class with 'The General'.  Calling these classes blissful doesn't even come close to describing what they actually do for the soul.  Week after week they make me feel as if I've been on a long and lovely holiday.  Plus 'The General' is, at least in my books, as good as it gets when it comes to teaching classes.  She just rocks.  (She's a sixty-something year old grandma, by the way.)  I'm soooo going to miss her classes.

Our boot camp class territory.  Wish I had a penny for every drop of sweat, every grunt and every painful face I've pulled in this place!

A final coffee date with the girls from dance class.  These chicks rock - spending time with them every Thursday night was always good for the soul.

Coffee date with the girls!  Carina, Alta, me, Melissa and Cindy.

Reality is slowly, but surely, starting to set in: I'm really leaving!  Funny how Kimberley must be the place where I've cried the most tears I've ever cried in my life, but still I'm leaving with a heavy heart.  Maybe it's because I've learnt so many precious lessons in this place?  The most important one definitely being this: I am truly blessed.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and being a follower. I love forward to reading more of your blog. Whoa you are moving.I hope the move goes well. How exciting to meet new people and hard I'm sure to leave all your friends. Congrats on your first marathon. It looked like a heck of alot of people. But the scenery looked so cool.

  2. Thanks for all the good wishes and for stopping by, Penny - I appreciate it so much! Love your blog - can't wait to follow your adventures!


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