Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A little R & R (well, sort of...)

It's official: I haven't run in nine days.  NINE.  Not a single step.  WHILE on the Comrades training programme (and nope, it's not part of the programme...) - YIKES!

Before you think I'm going to dish out a list of sad, soppy excuses - I'm not.  Life happened and I dealt with it.  I gave it my best shot.  And that shot didn't include running.  I wanted to; I yearned to.  My running shoes and Garmin even accompanied me on every single business trip.  But, alas, I was just too tired to run.  Twelve-hour fieldwork days; work meetings continuing until two in the morning; stressful presentations and situations; and full-day workshops - it all just took it's toll.  My body said: "No".

But, thankfully, this pity party won't last much longer: With fieldwork done, meetings over, and reports completed, the body is once again saying: "Go!".  Bring on that scheduled 13.1 mile training run!   

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