Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Happy Place Number One

I have two happy places. Visiting them, both in real life and in my imagination, is always a joyous affair and, without exception, goes hand-in-hand with a contented sigh and a big, fat grin on my face. For me, they're both synonymous with a high degree of bliss and inner peace; something - so I've realised - that is quite often associated with the small joys in life rather than the big, fleeting ones.

Happy Place Number One is a no-brainer. Yup, you've guessed it: My two game farm running sanctuaries just outside of town. [Okay, technically speaking that's two, but I've grouped them into one, big place of joy :) .]  The cherry on top of Happy Place Number One is, of course, those times when I can take my two pups along for the fun. This, however, only happens once a week, mainly for two reasons: 1) They're only allowed in the game farm furthest away from my home; and 2) Getting them there is an operation of epic proportions.

Firstly, there's the preparations: Water bowls - check. Filled water bottles - check. Dog biscuits - check. Leashes - check. Pre-run hydration and fuel top-up - check. Tick and flea bath - check.  Coolbox to keep everything cold - check.

Secondly, my personal favourite (not): Transporting them there. Since I don't have a pick-up, they have to drive in the car with me - a situation that leads to all kinds of hysteria... Both of them WANT to sit on my lap and no amount of stern instructing or pretty pleading keeps them on the back seat (just for the record: back at the ranch they are very well mannered). Both of them also WANT to stick their heads out my window - something that leads to quite a bit of squabbling about whose head goes where exactly (a matter of extreme importance and high significance in the dog world, so I've learned). In addition, the window containing two happy dog faces is located in very close proximity to the steering wheel.  You know, the turning mechanism containing all kinds of holes and spaces ideally sized for entangling dog paws and heads? 

Dare this traveling circus then drive past a cow, bird, or animal of any kind, all chaos breaks loose.  The excitement is just too much to bare: FRIENDS!!  Each feathered or hairy friend is greeted with equal parts of enthusiastic tail wagging, passionate barking and an endless scurrying for the best view. (The fact that I look like a giant hairball after this whole episode is, of course, a given.)  Last, but not least,  there is, naturally, also the small issue of, uhmm, shall we say sanitation? When they've got to go, they've got to go. Need I say more?

In order to make all of this worthwhile, the destination has to be pretty spectacular, right?  Right.  And it is - without a doubt.  The scenery; the running; the fresh air; the silence; nature's beauty; quality time together...  Man, it just never fails to bring a big, goofy smile to all three our faces :) .

PS: Happy Place Number Two is the complete opposite of Happy Place Number One.  But that's a story for another day...


  1. Baie oulike post, Serie, jy skryf baie lekker! Jys 'n inspirasie met jou toegewydheid en deursettingsvermoe, doen so voort! x

  2. Dankie vir jou mooi comment, Serie - waardeeeeer jou! (Hiehie, sien hulle het, n.a.v. my storie se inhoud, 'n "Ask a dog trainer" ad op my blog gesit...!!) xxx


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