Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Ten Ton Treadmill Run

It was nasty. Real ugly. No one driving past the gym that day could have even begun to imagine the epic battle that was taking place inside. It was just me, my two ten ton legs and the treadmill.

I was determined to finish. I gave it my all. Silent but merciless barks from the control centre produced step after laborious step. The minutes dragged by. In between the barks, my brain conducted random form checks - "think up and forward; think light". But, alas, my form felt more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame meets the Queen Mother than like the Tarahumara meets the Kenyans. A real sad sight.

The suffering ended eventually. It wasn't pretty, but I pushed through. Thank goodness for a reduced mileage Week Four on the horizon, ending with a trip to an all girls' race out of town. But, until then, has anyone seen my pillow?

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