Sunday, 15 August 2010

Life Happens

Week Two's training can be described as sporadic, at best. Let's just say life happened.

Missed Monday morning's vital weekly kick-off run as a result of traveling back home after our long-weekend Kalahari break. I was welcomed home by a blocked drain (it was nasty: stinky drain water covering the whole yard; loos that couldn't flush; and baths and showers filled to the brim with a foul-smelling grey sludge...); a sick puppy (Max, one of my little running machines had a fever and wouldn't touch her food); and a Dad that had to be admitted to hospital for a pain block for his lower back.

This was followed by a four-day long plead with the local municipality to pretty please assist with unblocking the drain in order to make an end to the full blown health disaster waiting to overtake my house; test upon test and finally a scope on Max to get to the root of her sudden loss of apetite; and a trip to the nearest big city to put Dad out of his misery. Add to this the fact that my favourite stomping grounds, a game farm just outside of town, was closed for the week as a result of their annual culling operations. Sigh.

I did manage to sneak in some running time amidst all the chaos, though. But, alas, neither the frequency, nor the distance nearly matched up with what was required by the Comrades Programme: One bitterly cold, -3 degree run on Tuesday morning during which I could have sworn my ears were about to freeze off; one wannabe-run on the treadmill on Thursday which had to be frequently interrupted as a result of the "20 minute limit"-policy; and, finally, one heavenly (albeit short) Saturday morning run with my two pups in the war memorial/game farm outside of town. Seeing that Max is still on medication, we cut our usual distance short and took it easy.

Week Two will therefore not go down in history as the training week that rocked the world. Instead, it will be known as the week that made me realise that, when life throws you a curve ball, a short run here and there makes it so much easier to handle it all with a smile.

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