Sunday, 1 August 2010

Comrades Marathon, here I come!

I've made my decision and marked my calendar: Sunday, 29 May 2011 will go down in history as the day I learnt that anything is possible.  The day that all self-imposed mental limitations were obliterated.  The day I discovered the depth of my own strength. The day I finished the Comrades Marathon!

In order for this day to have the monumental significance anticipated, it has, however, to be preceded by a serious amount of blood, sweat and tears.  Bucket loads.  Accompanied by equal amounts of determination, perseverance, grit, discipline and growth.  All the hard stuff. All the uncomfortable stuff.  And, in the end, after Comrades, it is exactly these uncomfortable things that will be taking me to the place where I want to be: A whole new level of comfort with myself.  A whole new sense of: I did it with the Lord's help - what on earth can be too hard for us?  Bring it on!

Being the "action steps" kind of girl that I am, the following "Blood, sweat and tears" list was compiled to take me to my goal:

1. Get a proper training plan.
2. Get a Garmin Forerunner 405 to motivate and assist.
3. Implement the training plan, starting 1 August 2010.
4. Secure an entry for Comrades 2011.
5. Follow through with training plan.
6. Qualify for Comrades.
7. Organise board and lodging for Comrades period.
8. Do it!!!

I'm happy to report that Step 1 has been completed and that Step 2 is in progress - Garmin arriving next week! Two down, six to go...  But I guess it's only at Step 5 where the women will be separated from the girls, though!

Training starts tomorrow - watch this space!

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