Friday, 11 June 2010

Ditched Again

This piece was featured as the winning letter in the August 2008 edition of Runner's World South Africa.  I received a cool pair of Brooks running shoes as prize for this letter, and thought I'd share it with you here:

I've been ditched. Again. I've been ditched so many times now that I've lost count. It all started in high school: Our partnership started out with equal amounts of passion, excitement and commitment and then, as the days grew shorter and the mercury dropped, the excuses multiplied. First it was homework, then it was the sniffles, but sooner or later the truth behind it all had to come out: the passion was gone. The once fiery flame had died.

This continued through varsity and, even now, as a happily attached business woman, it happened again. I got ditched. My once committed running partner succumbed to the cosy temptation of sleeping in late and foregoing the craziness of getting up at the crack of dawn for the sake of a bitterly cold but utterly rewarding run. Permanently.

As I prepared for yet another lonesome early morning solo on treadmill at the gym, the answer to my decade long dilemma hit me: my two jumping, running, crazy, energetic Jack Russell pups! Surely they've grown enough now to replace their usual early evening walk with a short jog? Always eager for absolutely any action, I loaded them into the car, ditched the gym and headed for the nearest safe, open area. We started out in an excited bundle of tangled and twisted leaches, laughing and barking and stumbling for the best part of the way. But we soon got into the swing of things and now our early morning jogs have become one of the highlights of our day.

Zip and Max - my two furry running buddies.

Always as excited, no even more excited, as I am about a early morning run. Never an excuse; never an "off" day. I've found my perfect running partners!

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