Friday, 3 July 2015

Currently {July 2015}

Cherishing: Parenthood sure has a way of showing you exactly where there's a need for personal growth...!  And, to be quite honest, during the past few months I've learned that, in my case, there's lots and lots of room for improvement.  I'm sure that raising two little people will be a never-ending learning curve, but I'm really trying to, amidst all the learning and growing on both the parent- and kiddo-side, just cherish what we have right now.  We're in such a delightful phase: Miss K (3) is the wisest, wittiest little thing and Brother J (1) is having a blast with his new-found sense of humour.  I'm in heaven!

Devouring: I'm not really a cookie person, but man these are good!  Chocolatey and chewy and healthy leaning towards the healthy side...  I just can't stop!

Running: Things are finally returning back to normal after my 18-day flu lay-off.  I'm almost back to my pre-flu running tempo and even clocked a (hard, but heavenly!) long run last weekend.  I'm very excited to start putting in some hard work for October's race - perhaps I should try the half-marathon...?      

Watching: We don't watch a whole lot of television, and when we do, it's usually something on Cbeebies with the kids.  But on Sunday nights I make an exception for... The Amazing Race!  That show was made for me and soothes my wanderlust just a tiny little bit...  Can you imagine the adventure?!  If ever there's an SA version (yeah right, right?), I'll be the first to enter.
Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Where it all began

My dad is in the process of packing up and selling our old family home.  And, although I realise all too well that, at 69, he can't possibly keep (and definitely doesn't need!) a house of that size any longer, it's been quite an emotional journey for me to help sort through everything and let most of it go.  The memories...!

One of the good things that came from sorting through years and years of stuff, is the fact that I finally found a picture that I've literally been searching for for years - one of my very first 5 km fun run.  I still remember that day so well: I was 10 years old and ran with my best friend, Karlien.  I ended up finishing second and got a Barbie doll as a prize, but most of all I remember how much fun I had.  I loved it.              

Taken in June/July 1987:

I'm in the dark blue tracksuit, centre front. 

I love studying this picture: My dark blue tracksuit (I adore dark blue to this day!), my hairstyle (haha!), my mid-foot strike, and the huge smile on my face.  That smile perfectly sums up this memory for me. 
Taken in June 2015, 28 years later:

And now, 28 years later, I still love running just as much as I did on that winter's day in 1987.  My stride has changed a bit, and so has my hairstyle (phew!), but the smile is still the same.  Here's to the next 28 years!

Monday, 29 June 2015

T minus two months!

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to upcoming trips and races: I literally count the sleeps!  So even though Miss K and my 'mom-daughter' fun run - the Spar Women's Race 2015 - and our family trip to Gauteng is still two whole months away, I can't help but be giddy when I think about it.  Typical nerd mom, everything is also already ready and sorted...  Come on, August!

Fun run entries - check!  I'm pretty sure we're going to get bib numbers 1 and 2 because we literally entered a few seconds after the entries opened, ha!  I also got Miss K her own bib number this time, so she'll be getting her own medal and goody bag for the first time ever.  Eeek!

Packet pick-up arrangements - check!  We'll only be arriving in Gauteng on Saturday morning, i.e. after packet pick-up has ended, so I've asked a good friend to take care of it for us.  Thanks, H!

Accommodation booked - check!  We plan on doing a fun one-night stop-over for even more running fun en route...  Watch this space!  And I'm indulging my fancy hotel genes for a change - buffet breakfast, anyone?  

Costumes bought and ready - check!  I'm actually hiding these away for the time being, otherwise they'll be ragged by the time August arrives.  I don't know who's more excited about them - Miss K or me...!

So, all that's left for us to do, is be giddy and continue counting the sleeps...!